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Royal Vegas Poker Review

Sat 10 June 2017 Royal Vegas Poker Review

Royal Vegas Poker is one of the flagship poker rooms for Prima Poker. They offer great bonuses to sign up, large monthly bonuses and a lot of tournaments. They are currently giving away a total of $20,000 to the top 500 players each month and every day you are dealt in at least 50 raked hands, you get into a $3,000 tournament for free. If you play regularily, and play decently well in the tournaments, you can get over a $100 in free money per month without too much trouble. As for the games themselves, they offer a wide range of holdem money games and tournaments. They have a lot of players at the real money tables, especially playing pot limit and no limit.

They also offer a lot of tournaments, including ones with guaranteed payouts. For example, they have a $10+1 buy in where they guarantee there will be at least $1,000 in prize money. So you know there will always be a large number of players in the tournaments and a lot of money you can win. As for the game itself, the software is pretty smooth and it is fast most of the time. There are the occasional times when it lags but not many. Basically, although they are fairly new, Royal Vegas Poker has quickly become one of the top 5 poker rooms online. They offer a lot of players, lots of tournaments and lots of bonuses. back to top

  • $10 free and 40% on you first deposit up to $40 in bonus money.

  • For both the $10 free offer and the 40% promotion, you must bet in a minimum of 100 hands before you can withdraw the money.

  • Be dealt in 50 raked hands in a day to qualify for their daily $3,000 free roll. The top 500 players for the month share $20,000 in bonuses.     back to top - Some tables have 6 chairs and some have 10.

  • $0.50/1 tables up to $100/200

  • $0.25/0.50 and $15/30

  • $0.25/0.50 to $15/30

  • 4 Free Rolls a day as well as numerous buy in tournaments

  • $2.00+0.50 up to $100+9, almost all are holdem but their are a good variety between limit, pot limit and no limit games. - All tables have 10 chairs