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Quit when hitting the jackpot?

Wed 10 May 2017 Quit when hitting the jackpot?

When you have won a jackpot, do you quit?

B-O-B: Yes. I relax a little.

Frank: Do you quit for the trip or just for a short period of time?

B-O-B: I quit to take a breath… Not very long. I never would have won two progressive jackpots in a row if I had quit for the day.

Bulletman: The next day, she hit another jackpot.

Frank: That was three jackpots in two days?

Bulletman: Here.

[At this point bulletman hands me a photostat with all of B-O-B's winning jackpot tickets and there are the three jackpots in two days. Incredible.]

B-O-B: I thought I was invincible after that trip. The only thing we had to worry about was the taxes. We went back a few weeks later and sure enough I hit again.

Frank: You talk about a feel for a machine? What do you mean?

B-O-B: Machines run in cycles. That's my experience. In a ten-minute period a machine will hit a string of relatively large winners. Then, all of a sudden, nothing happens.

You could conceivably lose a thousand coins in an hour. Machines very rarely are choppy. They are either blazing or cold. That's been my experience. You're either doing very well or you're putting much too much money in. There doesn't seem to be an in between.

Bulletman: What gambling isn't streaky?

B-O-B: But this is so pronounced.

Frank: Do you ever have a "feel" that when things are cold they're going to get hot again? If so, what do you do?

B-O-B: Yes. In a case like that I'll stay with a machine because I just know it's a good machine getting ready to hit. You have to ride out the bad times. That's why bankroll is such an important factor.

Frank: You realize that some of what you're saying defies the traditional ways of looking at machines. Most gambling writers would dismiss the idea of "intuition." Even if such a thing existed, it would not be transferable. How can you teach someone to be intuitive? So intuition is generally put down as a superstition. What do you think?

B-O-B: Well, it may be superstition but I do trust my instincts. And so far so good.

Frank: Do you leave machines that are cold where you don't "feel" as if anything is going to happen?

B-O-B: Oh, yes. The worst thing that ever happened to me was some guy who was sitting next to me and he was drunk. Picture this now. He was hitting the buttons with his tongue! It was disgusting. Now, the machine I was on was a good machine, one I had won on quite often in the past. I was even winning this night. But I just couldn't stand sitting next to this drunk. He smelled. His tongue was coated. I mean, I felt as if I was going to throw up. So I decided to move. I moved across the aisle to another machine, just to be away from him.

The guy puts some coins into my former machine, hits it with his disgusting tongue and wins the jackpot! Now, I know from reading your other book [Break the One-Armed Bandits!] that I probably wouldn't have won a jackpot at that moment because the machine is constantly making decisions but it was just typical of a bad streak.

Frank: You were in a kind of tongue depression?