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Poker Interview with Bob

Wed 10 May 2017 Poker Interview with Bob

Frank: Do you ever play anything other than 25 cent joker poker?

B-O-B: I won't play the bigger denominations until I'm ahead a substantial amount. Then I'll move up to dollar machines and sometimes five-dollar machines. But I won't play those machines with what I call "my money." The money I bring with me I consider "my money." The money I win I consider "their money." When I have enough of "their money" I'll take my shot at bigger jackpots on the bigger denomination machines. The few times I've played the five-dollar machines I was too concerned with my bankroll so the game wasn't as enjoyable.

Frank: You weren't in your comfort zone. You get that uneasy feeling when you're playing over your head. Now, let's move on to a topic many players are interested in and that's comps. You and Bulletman are fully comped?

B-O-B: Yes, but it's based on both of our play. Neither one of us alone would merit full RFB [room, food, beverage] but we convinced our host to consider" us one person for the purposes of comping. In Atlantic City, you have to bet very large sums to get the full RFB treatment on weekends but between the two of us we qualify.

Frank: So a husband-wife gambling team should consider talking to a host and gettting themselves considered a single individual?

B-O-B: Definitely. It makes sense from the casino's point of view too. If for example a high roller has a wife who doesn't gamble, he'll still get his comps for two. Two medium rollers will equal the high roller's action so why not get the same treatment? With the competition among casinos, you want your players to stay loyal. This is certainly one way. So we get a nice suite on the weekends with a Jacuzzi, nice views, room service, gourmet restaurant and gift shop credits.

Frank: You do have casino loyalty. You tend to go to the same place time and again. Why not try other places?

B-O-B: Well, I have considered at times trying new places but I would have to scout out the machines. It's taken me years to learn which machines are the hitters and which aren't at the casino where I go.

Frank: In Atlantic City, things can be deceptive on video-poker machines. You can't always trust the payout scale to give you a true indication of the percentages because these machines could be programmed with variable programs. So you essentially select machines the way Mr. Handle recommends in Break the One-Armed Bandits!

B-O-B: Before I ever knew about Mr. Handle or any of that, I always had a feeling about the machines in Atlantic City. Just from playing as long as I do and as often as I do, I discovered machines that were consistent winners or, if not consistent winners, machines that would hit the progressives. I also know when the progressives have reached their critical mass; when they are about to pop.

Frank: You base this on instinct or analysis?

B-O-B: Partly both. I don't ever play a regular joker-poker machine. I only play the progressives. I've sensed a difference and the progressives in Atlantic City just seem to hit more.

Frank: That's the big scoop of my book. The rules for Atlantic City only stipulate that the sequences must appear in the programming. Let's say that the royal flush comes up once every 40,000 times. In Atlantic City you could have machines that hit this only once every 500,000 times or you could have a machine banging it out once every five or ten thousand times. So what you've sensed on these progressives…these are in-house progressives, yes? Not the ones linked to other casinos?