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Wed 10 May 2017 New Poker Story

B-O-B: I’ve always felt this. I’ve always felt that the machines weren’t exactly like the video-poker machines in Vegas.

Frank: They’re not. Or, at least, they don’t have to be.

Bulletman: So strategy decisions would be much more important for Vegas than for Atlantic City?

Frank: Machine selection would be of paramount importance in Atlantic City because you don’t know what you’re getting. In Vegas, you know what you’re getting—unless the casino is cheating. But what would be cheating in Vegas would be abiding by the rules in Atlantic City.

B-O-B: Other players have found this out too. The machines I like to play are heavily played. I have to get to them early and keep them all day because the regulars want them. So I guess without realizing it, people have sensed the same things I have.

Frank: So sum it up for me.

B-O-B: I enjoy going away and when I play my video-poker machines, I go away. It’s relaxing and thrilling simultaneously. I also like the solitariness of it. It’s just me. I teach sixth graders and I’m on the go all the time in the classroom. I’d say I answer some 400 questions a day. It’s a very intense job. I love it but this video-poker gives me a chance to get away and be…

Frank: A hermit?

B-O-B: Something like that. Playing video poker has refreshed me. It makes me ready to deal with the tremendous activity of my regular life.

Frank: Well, I hope you have continued success and I appreciate the fact that you shared with my readers your ideas.

B-O-B: My pleasure.

Three weeks after this chapter was finished and in the hands of my publisher, Angela called me. She had gone on an overnight trip to Atlantic City. In a span of 12 hours she won_hold your breath—three progressive jackpots at three different locations in the same casino. As far as I know, this is an all-time record.