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Mid-game sports betting

Tue 19 September 2017 Mid-game sports betting

Ever since mid-game sports betting was introduced, it has caught on like wildfire. The appeal of being able to place a bet on a game that is already underway is pretty apparent – but what are the advantages or disadvantages of doing so?

The main advantage of placing a bet on a game that has already been played for a certain period of time is that you should already know how the game is going and will be able to make a much more informed bet.

For example, you’ll know what the players’ form appears to be, who is winning and by what scoreline, as well as whether or not a comeback by the losing team seems likely. Plus there will be less time available for the outcome to change.

That being said, although it may seem like a mid-game sports bet is an absolutely brilliant idea – it isn’t always!

Unfortunately as much as betting on a sports game that is underway is nice because you’ll know how the game is going – it also means that the bookies will too! Casinos that offer sports betting such as Unibet will undoubtedly be keeping tabs on the games as well.

That is why you’ll find that your odds on these bets aren’t going to be great – unless it really is a bet that the odds are against.

For example, if Team A is winning by a huge margin and halftime and you want to bet on them to win – you’ll find that the odds are really, really bad. In fact, you may have to risk a huge amount to win a pittance – which is never the best idea.

Always remember that in sports almost anything can happen. Just because a mid-game bet may appear safer it doesn’t always mean that it is a guaranteed win. Still – if you find good odds for a mid-game bet, it is worth snapping it up.