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Birmingham Casinos News and Promotions

Sun 07 May 2017 Birmingham Casinos News and Promotions

Current promotions can be found on the index page: Current Birmingham Casino Promotions. Trips to G casino Birmingham this month will be worth everybody's while with the casino's Collect and Claim promo. To win an amazing Handy Plus, a handheld, rechargeable battery-operated vacuum from Hoover, simply make 12 trips to G Casino Birmingham from June to July 15th, and claim your prize. Don't forget to pick up your stamp card on the first day so no visits go to waste! From July 6th up to August 3rd, stand a chance to win a whopping £50,000 by simply visiting Genting Club in Birmingham five times as part of their Code Breaker promo. To enter the promo, simply visit the casino 5 times and receive a certain number for each visit. If you select the winning combination from the 5 numbers, you win the prize! Ask for the collector card from Reception on your first visit and start collecting numbers for a chance to break the cod and win £50,000!

A typical poker game

Fri 05 May 2017 A typical poker game

You will flop one or more overcards without another queen on the board 31.1% of the time. If there are a lot of players already in the pot, you’re not going to knock anyone out by raising. If six players have already called, then they have a total ...

Playing in Casinos

Fri 05 May 2017

The casino is one source of amusement for anyone who needs relaxation or just wants to enjoy playing and betting. Slot machines are among the popular games in the casino that every casino goes enjoy playing. But most of the people just play without really understanding the game and how ...

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