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Bulletman Gambling Story

Wed 10 May 2017 Bulletman Gambling Story

B-O-B: So we're in the room and I'm taking care of him. I'm saying, "What can I do for you, honey. Let me know if there's anything I can do." And I'm thinking I want to get down to the machines. Finally, I convinced him to let me take some of the travelers checks and try my luck again. Since he was sick he hadn't used any of his. That's how I rationalized it. I had lost all of mine but we had all of his left.

Bulletman: She comes back about midnight, stays in the

room for about an hour and then goes down again. From then on I barely saw her.

B-O-B: One of the dealers, who had seen me playing everyday, asked me out on a date. I was insulted. I said: "Can't you see that I'm a married woman? I'm on my honeymoon." And he said: "Lady, I've seen you every day and I haven't seen you with a man yet!"

Bulletman: That was essentially our honeymoon. On the day we're leaving, I may have seen her about four hours the whole trip, I have to drag her away from the machines at the airport. The announcer is making the last call for our flight and she's still playing the machines. I had to literally drag her to the plane.

B-O-B: He did almost drag me.

Bulletman: We left coins in the trays. We barely made the flight.

Frank: And that was the creation of the monster?

Bulletman: And that's when the monster was truly born.

Frank: Yet, instead of becoming one of the hordes of losers, B-O-B actually became a winning player, or at least, a player who has a great chance of winning. She on the road to legendhood. Why's that?

B-O-B: Well, it didn't happen overnight. And it wasn't smooth.

Bulletman: It was an evolution. The evolution of a video-poker maniac. A year later we want to spend our anniversary in Atlantic City. Atlantic City was just geting casino gambling.